Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Write review - get FREE Songsterr Plus account

We will present a free 3-month Songsterr Plus account to you if you write a review of Songsterr on your own website, blog, magazine or column! Don't hesitate! Write immediately!

What are the requirements?

Just share your experience and write in your own words:
  • why do you use Songsterr
  • what features do you like/miss
  • how did Songsterr help you to improve your guitar skills
When can I get the FREE Songsterr Plus account?

Once you write a review, please post a link to it along with your Songsterr Account nick as a comment to this post. And you'll get a FREE Songsterr Plus account right away!

P.S. Thanks for all your reviews. The contest is closed.


Anonymous said...

My review of songsterr over at milehighblog.wordpress.com (in German):

Songsterr Review @ milehighblog

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot, my songsterr ID is: the_duke

Anonymous said...

hello i just made a website about songsterr (sorry for my website being so lame, its the best i could do, im pretty young) i really really love songsterr and would pay for it but i havent any money. heres the website


i also posted a bunch of comments on most viewed videos on youtube about songsterr. so please this will help me out alot in guitar!

and oh yeah my account name is
Booboo Wilson

well thats the name that comes up when i post a comment on songsterr, if thats not it then its zakheinen@yahoo.com

Passy said...

My Songsterr review is at:

I would be delighted to have 3 months of Songsterr.

I am Big Passy at

Unknown said...

I posted it on my myspace.
Please help me out, i am an aspiring bass guitarist. login in id is purplepill


Unknown said...

oh and i also put it up on many videos on youtube and metacafe



D_Bowie_Fan said...

My review of Songsterr is over at:


(in the blog section,dated 12/02/09)

Direct link to blog:



Anonymous said...

Dear Author blog.songsterr.com !
The excellent answer, gallantly :)

Docky-Dos said...

here is my review of songsterr :

This is in french,

my username on songsterr : LArtMent
my e-mail : babounn112@hotmail.com

thanx !

josh said...


i could realy use three months of songsterr! :D

songsterr id is metalsamich@yahoo.com

gerald dunn said...


theres my link where i did the review.keyboard is a little bit broken so expect mistakes

well i use my name for songsterr id which is Gerald Dunn

my email addrees is kenvsryo2000@sol.com.i use it to log on

gerald dunn said...

kenvsryo2000@aol.com.made a mistake on the email if you see

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Anonymous said...

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A_Witte said...

Hi I just posted my songsterr review on my website. the address is http://songsterrreviews.webs.com/apps/blog/.

my songsterr id is A_Witte. and my e-mail to go along with that is awitte1993@yahoo.com. Please send me this gift. I really need the "plus" feature so i can practice with certain songs. Thanks alot,

Anonymous said...

Hi I just posted a comment. and by the way, the link to songsterr is http://www.songsterr.com.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Hi I just posted my songsterr review on my website. the address is http://songsterrreviews.webs.com/apps/blog/.

my songsterr id is A_Witte. and my e-mail to go along with that is awitte1993@yahoo.com. Please send me this gift. I really need the "plus" feature so i can practice with certain songs. I have posted a link to songsterr on my website. Now can i please recieve my free gift?
Thanks alot,

Zack horvatin said...

i posted a review at this link. my email is horvatin@myspace.com if there any issues please notify me.
the songster email is the same as the one above. thank you.

aghbassman said...

Hook it up...



Anonymous said...

Hey, my review is here:

My Songsterr account is: Rasmus RS
My email is: Rasmus-rs@hotmail.com

tylerjake said...

My review of songsterr at my youtube :


You guys really have a great site going , i would pay for songsterr but dont have a credit card or any money.

My email is colossuspanda@hotmail.com
and name Tyler.
I look forward to using your site for 3 months.:)

Anonymous said...





Evil Guitarist

my e-mail is imevildude@live.ca


Anonymous said...

i love to use songsterr but i really want to use the features becuz im a beginner but fuck the 9.99/month plan

GabbaGabbaHey said...

Hey, I wrote a review to! You can see it at my site: www.runehelp.nl
Just click on Songsterr in the left menu and you got it.

Thanks! My account name is:

Anonymous said...

My Songsterr review is located here:

My Songsterr ID is: redsox203 and the email on my Songsterr account is corpralteddy04@yahoo.com

mitski said...

Hi there, I just wrote a review at my blog. Here's a link. http://dailyblurb.tumblr.com/post/534779551/songsterr-awesomeness
My Songsterr Username is Ssd8, and my email address is thessd8@gmail.com.

Unknown said...

I am new at Songsterr.com and new at guitar, but Songsterr has been a large help in learning guitar. With the "how to read this" videos help me understand what i thought to be random lines. and for those who buy a Songsterr Plus acount get extra features. If you play guitar or bass (or any other instruments) you should definitely check out songsterr.com, it is literally the best music program i ever used. It has music for bass, guitar, and all sorts of other instruments. It has a very large selection in music, and easy to understand song tabs. great site i would give it a 9/10. why only 9? it would be alot more helpful if songsterr plus acounts were free, the half speed would help for beginers but you can only use it if your a plus member. besides that the site is overall great!

Username Todd
Email Toddheminger@gmail.com

kirkmg said...

hi my review is on my blog

Unknown said...

I made a website called reviewhub.webs.com and wrote a review on songsterr

Unknown said...

oh and my ID will be coolchickenriff

lostinloveshate said...


this is the site i am building in tribute to songsterr could still use a lil work but trust me in a few weeks it will rockin like songsterr oh and by the way

Lostinloveshate is my Songsterr name

makoshark said...

I wrote a review too! check it out:

my songsterr name is makoshark.

fgner said...


Email: ken-sills@hotmail.com
Name is my name: Kenneth Sills


Chris Grenard said...

Lovin' Songsterr...Read why here..

Anonymous said...

here is the link
songsterrID: scatman12356@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

my post about songsterr

my nickname is Golly i think and my email is golly4280@yahoo.com

anthonynicholson said...

my login is
and id should be anthonynicholson
here is the link http://songsterreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/songsterr-has-been-introduced-to-me-by.html

Stairway50 said...


thats the link
email is mrl@fuse.net

I could have said more i know but the site is amazing thats enough said tell me if i need more to it.

ID Matt Tiller

matty foster said...

my review is here:


i hope it isnt too late but i would really like an account!!

my id should be: fozzmann

and my e-mail is matty_foster93x@hotmail.com


dyl911 said...



Scar said...

This is my review: http://scarsden.blogspot.com/2010/08/songsterr.html

my account name is:

Stairway50 said...

I made a review of songsterr here


This is the review here as well

songsterr is the greatest guitar tab website i have ever seen. Not only are the tabs perfectly accurate for every song the have the also include drum and bass tabs. In addition to that the also tab the singers voice. I always used ultimate guitar before this but when i found songsterr i changed completely. Also you can listen to the track in sync with the tab in case you have trouble with rhythm which is included at the bottom of the screen. I stumbled onto the site while looking for the song Shine a Light by the Rolling Stones. Every other site had some simple chord version which i was not satisfied with. Other websites referenced me to songsterr. I didnt want to go to the site thinking it was one of the annoying programs you have to download. When i checked the site i found that all you needed was adobe flash player which is on almost every computer. I looked at the tab and was amazed at how perfect it was. I then decided to see how accurate this site was by comparing it to tab books from the store. I noticed that the tab was the exact same but better becuase you could listen and pause the track while you play. there is no need for a rating system because the tabs are perfect. I went from playing smoke on the water to All along the Watchtower by hendrix in about a month and multiple other songs.

Email is mrl@fuse.net
ID is Matt Tiller