Friday, July 31, 2009

New Feature: Looping Mode

We've just updated Songsterr Player with a major new feature (that will be available to all Songsterr Plus users) - the Looping Mode. Looping can be very helpful for training when you're learning particular part of the song.

To use looping on Songsterr just click on the "Loop" button and select the area to loop using your mouse. Note, that you can either drag the selection by holding the left mouse button down, or you can adjust the selection borders by clicking within the tablature with keyboard's shift key pressed.

When you're in the looping mode, only the selected area will play - over and over again, until the power runs out (or you press the pause button). If you have the count-in mode turned on, then player will count in using the metronome before each iteration.

Well, hope you like the looping mode and... stay tuned!

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