Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Features: Metronome, Count In Toggle, Tuning Helper, 'How To Read Tab' Manual and more...

We've been working on several new features in Songsterr and it just happened that they all became production-ready in approximately the same moment. That's why this Songsterr Player update contains not one or two but six new features:

Metronome can be an essential tool for learning particular songs. Most beginners use it on different stages of their guitar training. Now it's available on Songsterr for Songsterr Plus users. You can turn metronome on and off and tune its volume - metronome will adjust itself automatically to the current song's time signature and tempo.

Count In Toggle
During previous Songsterr Player update we've added the Count In feature. While it can be very helpful sometimes, sometimes it's just not needed. That's why there is a special toggle button now in the Mixer. By the way, this toggle will remember its last state each time you open a new song.

Tuning Helper
This feature was requested on our Feedback Forum. Now to hear the particular note in the current instrument's tuning, just click on it. This is not an ideal solution for tuning a guitar, but it should be convenient enough for those who can tune by ear.

Extended 'How To Read Tab' Manual
At the moment most of the guitar playing techniques that are present on Songsterr are covered in this manual. Besides, you will notice the "watch video" link near many titles. We hope that in its current condition How To Read Tab page will be really helpful for those who are currently learning to play guitar using tablatures.

Playing Track Indicators
You'll probably notice small jumping bars in the Mixer. Simply speaking, they indicate the amount of sound in the output of a particular track. In multi-track songs with several guitars these indicators will greatly help to determine which tracks produce the sound at the moment.

Lyrics Indicator
Small 'L' letter to the left of the track's title in the Mixer will indicate the presence of lyrics in this track. Small, but helpful indicator.

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