Friday, February 13, 2009

New Features: Tags and Sorting by Popularity

As of now Songsterr library contains 21718 tabs and is growing rapidly thanks to submissions by our users. Navigating that many songs and artists using search and A-Z links became more and more cumbersome. We've made two important improvements to solve this issue: Tags and Sorting by Popularity.

Tags are shown on artist's page and can be used to discover new artists similar to the current one.

Clicking on the tag opens a list of artists by this tag. Artists are sorted by popularity - most popular artists go first:

Artists by letter are now also sorted by popularity, so you can easily find new tabs to learn.


Anonymous said...

i really don't like theese tags

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to find an artist by letter when sorted by popularity...
Maybe you should give the choice between alphabetical sorting and sorting by popularity.

But it's an interisting feature ! Thanks a lot for it.

Denis said...

We are considering a choice (popup) option. Thanks for suggestion. Please add it to our Support Forum -

@ruvik: Why don't you like tags? They enable things like:

We also plan to add tagging for individual tabs so that it would be possible to e.g. see all the tabs for "acoustic guitar" or "classic solos" or "great bass", etc.