Friday, February 20, 2009

New Features: Palm Muting and Let Ring

We're glad to announce that we've added support for the palm muting effect to Songsterr. Right now we're updating audio data for all songs with palm muting so that you can hear it as well as see it. If you don't know what palm muting is you can read about it here.

Palm muting is indicated with "P.M." in tablatures. What's interesting is that you will see this abbreviation in 25% of Songsterr's tabs. To hear how palm muting sounds on Songsterr, you can check Basket Case by Green Day.

And another small addition - "let ring" effect indication. While all songs on Songsterr actually supported "let ring" effect for a very long time, you could only hear it - as there was no visual indication.

From now on, if you see the "let ring" label in tablature you will know that it's really there. You can check Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi as it uses "let ring" heavily in the intro.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Features: Tags and Sorting by Popularity

As of now Songsterr library contains 21718 tabs and is growing rapidly thanks to submissions by our users. Navigating that many songs and artists using search and A-Z links became more and more cumbersome. We've made two important improvements to solve this issue: Tags and Sorting by Popularity.

Tags are shown on artist's page and can be used to discover new artists similar to the current one.

Clicking on the tag opens a list of artists by this tag. Artists are sorted by popularity - most popular artists go first:

Artists by letter are now also sorted by popularity, so you can easily find new tabs to learn.