Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Feature: Search API

We've just added support of an open Application Programming Interface (API for short) to Songsterr. The first supported method is Search. You can use it to write your own program to present public Songsterr data in new and different ways. Click here for usage examples and brief documentation.

One of Songsterr users is already working on an Songbird plug-in!

Have an idea of API usage? Need support of other API methods? Please let us know by email or via our support forum.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Flash 10 Support

As you may know Adobe has released Flash Player 10 recently. What really distinguishes this version of Flash Player from all previous releases is the new audio subsystem. It allows developers to have total control over audio playback. While not digging deep into the details, we'll just say that the Flash Player 10 allowed us to solve several technical problems (tracks synchronization problem, for example) that were impossible to solve with Flash Player 9. That's why right now the tenth version is the preferred one for Songsterr.

We encourage you to upgrade your Flash Player - because we will support the ninth version for a limited time only.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Features: Swing (Triplet) Feel and Natural Harmonics support

Recently we've added two cool features to Songsterr. First one is the "swing feel" support. In songs that should be played with swing feel, each pair of 8th notes should be treated specially. The first note in the pair should be exactly twice the duration of the second note. This kind of playing gives the special groove feel to the music. More on this on wikipedia: Swung Note. To indicate that the song should be played with the swing feel, the special symbol is used in the beginning of the tablature.

The second feature is natural harmonics support. This technique is a bit advanced and it's used by a huge number of famous guitarists (Steve Vai is probably one of the most characteristic harmonic-lovers). You can find good tutorials on how to play natural harmonics on YouTube. Here is one of such tutorials: Natural Harmonics. In tablatures notes that should be played using natural harmonics are indicated by little diamond and the word "Harm." at the top of the staff.

We hope that you'll enjoy these new features. You can listen to the great example, where both of them are used: Pink Panther Theme.