Thursday, October 16, 2008

Major navigation improvements

We are getting ready to add more, much more songs to Songsterr and have just launched a major update with a bunch of new features that will hopefully streamline navigation of a large collection of songs.

What's new?
  • One simple field to search by both artist names and song titles.
  • A-Z navigation.
  • Classification of songs by complexity (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
  • Just Added block for quick overview of new songs.
  • Just a little bit of "Ads by Google". Sorry for this one but it will hopefully help us deliver more features and songs.
Bends, slides, and other articulations are almost there. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

OMFG - I have not been on the SongSterr website in a very long time. The improvements are awesome. You have a great product on your hands. I only wish, I did not have to work. Thanks again for this site and your product.

Anonymous said...

SongSterr is sooo great! Thanks a lot!

I have just 3 Questions:

1. Will Songsterr stay free?

2. Is it legal in your country? In our country it's not. I'm just afraid that you going offline...

3. Could you provide an API to check for existence of Tabs through a 3rd party program? I would love to write a Songsterr-Notify-plugin for Songbird, but i will not if parsing the search results is the only way to check for Tabs...

Thanks a lot!

Denis said...


Thanks for you feedback.

1. There will always be a good selection of free songs on Songsterr. We'll probably at some point introduce some pay features or songs though.

2. Yes, it is legal.

3. Please contact us via email in the footer of Songsterr. We'll be happy to open up Songsterr via APIs.

Anonymous said...


thanks for this wonderfull website.

I've just some question/suggestion :
* Can you add a search feature on guitare tuning and/or on complexity (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?

* some artists/band appears to be in double (Dave Matthews Band) or empty (Deep Purple)

Denis said...


Do you mean searching for standard vs. non-standard tunings? Do you need this to skip the songs with non-standard tuning?

Search on complexity will be added soon.

We've deleted the duplicates, thanks. Empty artists will be removed soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Denis!

"Do you mean searching for standard vs. non-standard tunings? Do you need this to skip the songs with non-standard tuning?"

That's exactly what I want ;-)