Friday, September 26, 2008

New Songsterr Features: Mixer, Electric Guitar & Other Instruments, Print, Fullscreen, Bass Tabs

Last night we launched a bunch of new features a lot of people have been asking for.

Mixer lets you choose the tab being displayed, mute or solo specific tracks or sets of tracks, and adjust volumes of tracks. Put simply, mute silences the track, while solo makes the track audible, and silences all other tracks that aren't also soloed. Hit "solo" to learn your part. When you are ready, you can mute your instrument and experience playing along with the rest of the band.

We now support all the instruments including electric guitar, bass, and drums. Existing single track "electric" songs now use proper electric sound.

Currently only few songs have multiple tracks but we'll be adding new ones daily. Look for "(Multitrack)" in song's name to check out this new feature. Some examples:
Subscribe to our New Songs RSS Feed to stay tuned! New songs will all be multitrack.

Print allows you... well... to print your tab and practice it without a computer screen. By far the most popular feature request.

Fullscreen zooms selected tab to free up some tab space. More space - less scrolling!

Bass Tabs are now supported as well. To our surprise this was one of the most requested features to date!

Thanks again for all your feedback and feature requests. Hope you like the all new version! Even more new and exciting features will be added really soon. Along with more, many more songs.