Thursday, August 21, 2008

TechCrunch and Mashable write about Songsterr

In "Songsterr: A Flash Guitar Tab Player That Might Rock, Someday" [Techcrunch] Jason Kincaid writes about Songsterr and some of it's missing (for now) features:
While the player will be a great help to many novices, it’s lacking support for a number of techniques found in more difficult songs, like slides, bends, and vibrato. There’s also no support for multiple instruments, which are found in most popular songs, and some of the tabs are incomplete (for example, the Johnny B. Goode tab omits the song’s signature intro riff). However, the company says that it will improve on these issues within the next month.

Stan Schroeder from Mashable compares Songsterr to Guitar Pro in his "Songsterr Makes Learning Guitar Tabs Easier"
Now, Guitar Pro has an online competitor called Songsterr. On the basic level, it’s the same thing, although Songsterr creators claim their engine is more sophisticated than the one in Guitar Pro. The application lacks many advanced features found in Guitar Pro, but it at least supports various tunings and playing at half at full speed, and overall it looks slick and works great. [...] Still, kudos to the developers for good execution and a good idea. It definitely made me dig up my dusty Ibanez (and realize that 5 years of not playing does things to your style)

Stan also speaks about social features that are now missing in Songsterr:
The problem with it is that, although it’s an online application, it doesn’t really offer any social features. It’s like a desktop app translated into an online app, and as such it doesn’t offer much additional value over Guitar Pro, except for the fact that it’s free

Thanks to both authors for writing about us. We've got a lot of new feedback from readers of these posts and now have a better picture of what features to add in the upcoming release. We would also like to know your opinion on the social features mentioned by Stan. Friends, recommendations, forums? What do you think is missing in Songsterr?


Anonymous said...

With something in such a preliminary stage of working right now, you should take no heed of the negative comments, and carry on unfazed. Keep it up, guys, it's a really nice thing you've got here.

Ben Forbes said...

I came to the site from the TechCrunch feed. I didn't take the comments as negative but as constructive criticism. A great start here.

Anonymous said...

One suggestion.

Could you add a 2 or 3 second gap from the moment you hit the play button?
Not only from the beginning of the song, but also from whenever you restart.
Use visual cue to know exactly when its going to start (like a 1...2...3 flashing or smthing). An audible cue would be nice as well (like drum sticks hitting "and 1... and 2 and ...") get the idea?
Music starting right away has always been a problem for me because I'm a bit slow and clumsy. I hit the start button and by the time I have my guitar in balance and my fingers in position two or three notes have passed and then I'm a bit lost if I attempt to read the tab while playing. Same issue with CDs or MP3s, not a problem with LPs and tapes where you could (not any more) rewind the tape a bit or leave the needle a bit back.

You want to make it optional. For guitarists with impatience.

Other than that...
Your site rocks!

Vincent Le Pes said...

I think it would be great if you could add a community aspect by allowing people to submit their own tabs. One thing I have learned by using tablature is that different people transcribe them differently. You could then increase your songbook exponentially and add a rating system so that people can vote the quality tabs up to the top. Sure it would be too complicated for some people to input, but perhaps MIDI conversion or somethign of the like could apply. I like what you guys have going and will definitely be keeping an eye on it, keep up the great work.

Max said...

Very good project.

Two things:

First. I think, you need to add multi-channel feature, because all another features: bend, vibrato, slide etc are not as needed as it.

Second. It seems only to me, or Songsterr can play notes only till 22-nd fret?

Anonymous said...

Amazing service!!! Keep it up! I have been learning to play the guitar for about a year now; I have been constantly complaining to my guitar teacher that none of the tablature sites help with the rhythm aspect. I even suggested he consider as a startup—you guys beat him to it. :)
Some feature requests:
(1) Print button to allow one to print out the tabsheet
(2) An optional "delay-after-start" feature (as requested by Anonymous on August 26, 2008 11:58 AM)
(3) "Up" and "down" indicators to show the direction of the strum across the strings
(4) An option for users to request songs (from the pros)

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Very good and original way to use tabs.Amazing.
But, I think, it would be perfect to have the possibility to print tabs.
What do you think about this ?


Denis said...

New release is coming. It will have print button and many more new features. Stay tuned!

Unknown said...

Just read that a print feature was coming. Perfect! I was just going to suggest that feature.

This is a very good implementation and I hope it takes off!

rusik said...

cool service, i like this online tab player))

Denis said...

Print function was added yesterday along with a bunch of other new features (mixer, multitrack, electric guitar, bass, fullscreen, etc). Check out this blog post for more info:

Thanks for feedback!