Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New in Songsterr: half-speed playback, just added songs rss and icon, new songs

We've released new version of Songsterr less than a week ago and it has already been visited by more than 50,000 people from all over the world. Thanks for all your feedback, feature requests and comments! We really appreciate that.

Today we introduce 3 new features:
  1. Half-speed playback:

  2. Just added songs RSS feed.
  3. Just added songs icons on home page:
Half-speed playback seemed to be the most frequently requested feature and we think it will be very helpful for novice players.

As promised, we continue to add new songs every day. Stay tuned and thanks again for your feedback!


Hallucinogenious said...

I just StumbledUpon this site,and must say.. Great job! I noticed that your version on Everlong by FF doesn't have a dropped d tuning note. Sounds great with it... I'm looking forward to seeing whatever else you have up your sleeve!

Unknown said...

У меня есть одно пожелание: хотелось бы что б икоки «new» появлялись только у песен, которые появились с моего прошлого посешения, а не висели у тех, которые я уже видел. Так будет намного полезнее.

А так вообще проект отличный.

spunkspoon said...

Thank you for this site! It's helped me play a few songs I've been having trouble with.

Anonymous said...

I love songsterr. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I can't believe that I'm actually playing 'yesterday' or 'my way'!keep the songs coming! Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

с празником!